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This Simple 4-Step “Conversational Phone Script” Helped Me Raise Over $2 Billion in Capital from Investors

the four step approach to raising capital from high net worth investors

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  • How I 'Hack My Own Brain' and eliminate deal-crushing with this ONE body language trick.

  • The Same 4 Phone Scripts I've used to raise millions of dollars for real estate deals, oil/gas ventures, and more using "OPM" (other people's money).

  • When you should make your follow-up calls (changing this one thing can give you a big boost on the number of deals you close)

  • ​The sneaky “permission trick” I use to ‘flip the tables’ on prospects to get THEM to call ME.

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My name is Brad Blazar and I've raised over $2 Billion for some of the countries largest syndicators of commercial real estate and other personal projects.

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